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11 Mar

How to Make the Arm Knit Tassel Scarf

Arm knit this tassel scarf in no time. Watch the video to see how it is made.


10 Mar

How to Make the Arm Knit Knotted Cowl

Learn how to knit the “arm knit knotted cowl” with your arms! Watch the video to see it and then arm knit it!


9 Mar

How to Take a Break When Arm Knitting

So you are arm knitting but you need to take a break. What do you do? Fiber Flux’s Jennifer offers some great tips on how to do just that in the video below.


8 Mar

How to Make the Arm Knit Button Wrap

This arm knit button wrap is beautiful and it won’t take long to make. Take a look at Fiber Flux’s video below and look at the pattern here.

7 Mar

Basics of Arm Knitting

If you are a beginner “arm knitter” or you are curious about it, take a look at this video which will show you the basics. By the way this is a great project to do with children as it doesn’t involve needles and they can finish their project in a short time.

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2 Mar

2 Hour Arm Knit Afghan – Left Handed

Knit this afghan in just 2 hours using your arms! It is the fastest afghan you will ever knit.

(Fast forward to 1:20 to skip the long message about “media offline”.)


26 Jan

Left Handed Arm Knitting for Beginners

Finally an “arm knitting” video for you left handed knitters!

25 Jan

Arm Knitting for the Clueless

Arm knit your own scarf in no time, even if you have no clue what arm knitting is!

Knit Easy!

17 Dec

Arm Knitting: An Ultra Bulky Scarves Tutorial

Use your arms to knit an ultra bulky scarf. Bulky scarves are all the rage right now. You can arm knit one of these super quickly! You’ll love it.


18 Oct

How to Arm Knit a Blanket in an Hour

Knitting blankets takes forever!!! They are indeed a long project. However, if you arm knit them, it should take you under an hour. It is a perfect gift to make for a friend or family member.

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